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Brief Introduction

The predecessor of Datong Coal Mine Group is Datong Coal Mining Administration, which was established on Aug. 30th, 1949 and restructured as the Datong Coal Mine Group Co., Ltd. in July 2000.

Datong Coal Mine Group is located in the southwest part of Datong city, a well-known historical and cultural city, and its coal mines mainly scattered in Shanxi Province and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Now, it has become a super-large comprehensive energy group, which takes coal production as its mainstay and features the simultaneous development of a variety of industries such as power, coal chemical, metallurgy and coal machinery manufacturing, construction and building material, logistics and foreign trade, etc.

Datong Coal Mine Group has a long history of coal mining, and its coal resources had ever been developed and used during the end of Ming Dynasty and the beginning of Qing Dynasty. Over the past 62 years since it established, the company has turned out a total of more than 2.1 billion tons of coal.

Datong Coal Mine Group boasts the advanced coal mining technology. Now, it has created more than "100 No.1 honors in China", and has been awarded 168 Scientific and Technological Progress Prizes above the provincial and ministerial levels. It has a rich corporate cultural background, and enjoys a salient advantage in the country's mining industry in professionals, management, and technical teams.

Datong coal is well-known at home and abroad for its low content ash, low content sulphur, high calorific value, moderate volatilization, stable quality, etc. And it is called as industrial fines and is a kind of quality brand steam coal in the world.

Until now, Datong coal that has 6 series and 15 coal categories in all registered as "Dayou Brand" and many other brands, is well received in various industries in China, including power, metallurgy, building materials and many other industries. It is also exported to many countries such as Japan, South Korea, India and Turkey.

Datong coal has been chosen as one of "China's 10 most internationally influential brands," one of the "Annual 10 top Chinese Brands on the world market", and the company has been awarded many honors such as the "Golden Horse Prize", which is the highest honor in the corporate management, the "National May 1st Labor Prize", "China No. 1 Coal Mining and Washing company", one of "the Outstanding Enterprises in China Corporate Social Responsibility ", one of "the Pioneering Enterprises in China Public Welfare Undertaking", etc.

During the period of the 12th Five Years Plan (2011-2015), under the guidance of scientific outlook on development and centered on the overall deployment of transformative development of Shanxi province, the Datong Coal Mine Group's development thinking is to thoroughly carry out the corporate strategic development system, renovate and upgrade the traditional industries, extend and expand the pluralistic industries, develop and strengthen the new industries, make coal and non coal industry, cultural tourism service stronger based on coal resources to form the development mode of "black coal, green mining; circular economy, fully utilization; high carbon industry, low carbon technology", achieve a stronger main industry of coal, a larger non coal industry, and faster transformation, and speed up building a modernized comprehensive energy group with characteristic of circulation, low carbon, environment friendliness and harmony, lay a solid foundation for the construction of a century-lasting Datong Coal Mine Group.