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Won Enterprise Management Highest Prize - "Golden Horse Award"
Labor Day Award
China's best Coal Mining and Preparation Corporation One among China's top 10 enterprises taking on Corporate Social Responsibility
Top 500 global Chinese enterprises in Year 2006 Ranking 207 Top 500 global Chinese enterprises in Year 2006
Top 10 brands of Chinese coal industry in global market Year 2006 China's Top 10 World-Influential Brands in Year 2006
Chinese Enterprise with Utmost Core Competitiveness Among China's top 10 outstanding enterprises doing corporate social responsibility in Year 2006
Among top 10 leading enterprises in China's public welfare undertakings China Charity Award
80th of China Largest 500 Enterprise in year 2008 79th of China Top 500 Competitive Enterprises of large corporations in year 2008
Among China's Top 60 Enterprise Spirits in 2010 Labor Day Award in Year 2011
The national civilized unit China's industrial awards recognition award
Mineral resources comprehensive utilization demonstration base The national association for science and technology system advanced collective
Top coal output of 50 Chinese coal enterprises