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Development Strategy

Development strategic system of the Datong Coal Mine Group

Ⅰ Strategic wishes: building a new Datong Coal Mine Group, and creating a new life.
A new Datong Coal Mine Group means an internationalized one with characteristic of pluralistic development, openness and innovation, safety and high efficiency, full of vigor and power, and the realization of span from traditional type to international type in the corporate operation.
A new life means the staff spanning to the internationalized life with a beautiful environment, democracy and harmony, civilization and happiness, being well-off and abundance.

Ⅱ Strategic requirements: "Five Ones", that is:
Fostering a working environment of equity and justice, uprightness and honesty; building a cadres team of being united and practical, willing to assume responsibility; forming a operation mechanism of the innovative management and democratic decision making; creating a sound situation of having integrity and being public spirited, harmony and stability; insisting on a fundamental purpose of caring for the staff and benefiting the people's livelihood.

Ⅲ Strategic thinking:
Insisting on relying on all levels of organization and cadres, employees as well;
Laying great emphasis on safety and stability, transformation and development, benefiting the people's livelihood;
Improving the styles of work, meeting, and writing.

Ⅳ Strategic paths: "ten paths", that is:
Unrelenting taking the path of making the main coal industry stronger, path of increasing the power installed capacity; path of expanding the fund raising channels, level-to-level administration and increasing the benefits through the improvement of the products' quality; path of making the trade and logistics more practical; path of the chain-style expansion, park-style layout and scale extension of the new industries; path of mergers and acquisitions, and internationalized strategic development; path of building high production and high efficiency coal mines with fully mechanized equipment, automation, information technology and modernization; path of the innovative management; path of development in safety; path of harmony and benefiting the people.

Ⅴ Layout of the industrial structure:
Building five industrial chains:
that is chains of coal-electricity-construction, coal-electricity-chemical, coal-metallurgy-coal equipment manufacturing, coal-electricity- aluminum, and coal-electricity-silicon.
Constructing five circular economic parks: modeled as Tashan park, constructing five circular economic parks with over ten million yuan production value, that is Dongzhouyao-maodaotou-panjiayao park, Xuangang park, Shuonan park, Baijiagou park, including Tashan park.
Forming eight industries: that is coal, power, coal chemical, coal equipment manufacturing, construction-building materials-real estate, logistics and trade, cultural features of tourism.
Highlighting the four key points: that is making the coal industry stronger, making the power industry larger, making the capital more movable, and making the trade more practical.
Setting up eleven coal mines of annual capacity of ten million tons: that is Dongzhouyao coal mine, Majialiang coal mine, Madaotou coal mine, Selian coal mine, Tiefeng coal mine, Fanwangsi coal mine, Panjiayao coal mine, Baijiagou coal mine, Beixinyao coal mine, including Tashan and Tongxin coal mines that have been constructed.