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ABB Marketing Manager Magnus visited Datong Coal Mine Group

2016-08-24 Source : www.dtcoalmine.com
On August 18, ABB Marketing Manager Magnus visited Datong Coal Mine Group. Wu Xing-li, the vice-general manager of Datong Coal Mine Group, held friendly consultations with the guests on the further cooperation and common development.

Wu Xing-li said Datong Coal Mine Group and ABB have established a deep cooperation friendship over many years. He hoped that the two sides, on the basis of good faith cooperation and in a more flexible ways of cooperation, played to their respective advantages to further deepen cooperation level, expanded the scope of the cooperation, thus to achieve win-win situation.

Magnus thanked for Datong Coal Mine Group’s support and help. He said, both sides have built the friendly and mutual benefit relationship in the long term cooperation. He hoped that both sides would further enhance the communication to promote common development on the current cooperation.