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A sweet and warm family

2016-09-19 Source : www.dtcoalmine.com

Li Hongyu is a senior engineer of Meiyukou coal mine’s heating zone, and her husband Ma Chengjun is in the assessment office of Meiyukou Coal Mine. This couple help one another in difficult time and stand together through storm and stress. The trivial matters between Li Hongyu and Ma Chengjun likes warm current of love, which flows and converges at common life. And, they are immersed in the sweet and warm family.

Since Li Hongyu and Ma Chengjun starting to work, they have been working at Meiyukou coal mine. They eventually got married because of common interests and common pursuit, which made them know each other and came together. Although their job are totally different, it does not affect their communication and study. Especially they encounter problems at work, they find information and solve problems.
Li Hongyu and Ma Chengjun made outstanding achievements at their posts, and won many honors, such as advanced workers award and technical innovation award.