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Zhang Youxi gave keynote speech at China Mining 2017

2017-09-25 Source : www.dtcoalmine.com

Hosted by the Ministry of Land and Resource, Tianjin Municipal People’s Government and China Mining Association, China Mining 2017(the 19th year event) was held in Tianjin Municipality on September 23.

China Mining 2017 was dedicated to promoting mining prosperity under the Silk Road spirit, centered on mining development trends and policies, mining investment and finance, mineral products market, green development and other subjects. Also, it held International Mining Expo, which more than 10,000 representatives from 60 countries and regions attended.

Zhang Youxi, chairman of Datong Coal Mine Group, made a keynote speech at Mining Development Summit of China Mining 2017, titled‘Unswervingly following the energy revolution, promoting clean and efficient use of coal, and striving to open a new era of industrial transformation and upgrading. ’

Zhang Youxi said, in order to make the big proposition of the energy revolution, we need to combine the actual situation of our country with coal and work hard to make clean and efficiently use of coal.Datong Coal Mine Group will unswervingly practice energy revolution and fully implement‘seven projects(improving coal quality,power upgrading, chemical industry cooperation,making new energy bigger and stronger,using science and technology for enterprise growing, specialized restructuring and extending our brand from Mainland China to the oversea),which has made great changes in transformation of coal production and utilization, energy structure, strategic vision and other perspectives and makes clean and efficiently use of coal in order to realize transformation and upgrading of enterprise.