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29th Society of Mining Professors Annual Meeting delegation visited
Datong Coal Mine Group

2018-07-11 Source : www.dtcoalmine.com

On July 8, 29th Society of Mining Professors Annual Meeting (International Forum of Future Mine)delegation visited Datong Coal Mine Group.

The delegation successively visited the production dispatching center, the fully mechanized mining face and the sand plate model of the Tashan Circular Economy Park of Tashan Coal Mine Company of Datong Coal Mine Group, learned about the circular economy development model(black coal developed green mining; finite resources unlimited utilization; high carbon industry used low carbon technology).And seeing the three-dimensional digital mine platform, The delegation came to know the production scale, technology and efficiency of Tashan Coal Mine Company.

Subsequently, the delegation came to the fully mechanized coal mining face and asked about the relevant parameters and practical results of fully mechanized caving mining technology.