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Beautiful roses blooming in Datong Coal Mine Group’s railway

2016-04-07 Source : www.dtcoalmine.com

In Datong Coal Mine Group, there is a team and its number are female. They are all in ordinary position, but they play important role in their company. In Datong Coal Mine Group’s railway company’s signal maintenance branch, they are "half the sky", and their name are Wu Zhilan, Xu Mei, Liu Haifeng, Li Cunyan and Guo Cuilian.

"The daily work is simple and repetitive, but we insist on doing more everyday. The relay maintenance and test need not only responsibilities, but also high technical requirements." These team has maintained and tested relay for 20 years and dedicated their youth and energy to the railway safety, which made a positive contribution to coal export. Because of devoting to job, their fame spread throughout every corner of Datong Coal Mine Group.