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Wang Leiyu: the inheritance of spirit of craftsman 2017-06-20
Datong Coal Mine Group’s Tashan Coalmine Company won the title of intensive and comprehensive resources utilization demonstration mine 2017-05-15
Datong Coal Mine Group held 2017 New Year Art and Cultural Performance 2017-01-03
Datong Coal Mine Group’ Zhangze Power signed Sri Lanka power project cooperation framework agreement 2016-12-30
Zhangze Power’s Indonesia organization of project management celebrated National Day 2016-10-10
Zhang Youxi gave keynote speech at China Mining 2016 2016-09-27
Zhang Youxi attended 2016 Taiyuan Energy&Low Carbon Development Forum and China(Taiyuan)International Energy Industry Expo 2016-09-19
A sweet and warm family 2016-09-19
Financial institutions visited Datong Coal Mine Group 2016-08-24
ABB Marketing Manager Magnus visited Datong Coal Mine Group 2016-08-24
The youth came to Datong Coal Mine Mass Graves Site and honored the victims 2016-04-07
Beautiful roses blooming in Datong Coal Mine Group’s railway 2016-04-07
Datong Coal Mine Group organized staff to watch and listen “Two Sessions” 2016-03-15
Winch technician-- Liu Zhiyuan 2016-03-15
Datong Coal Mine Group and BASF held a matchmaking fair 2016-01-21
Datong Coal Mine Group arranges warmth-giving activities of 2016 Spring Festival 2016-01-21
Caterpillar Global Underground Mining Equipment General Manager Robert Fortuyn visited Datong Coal Mine Group 2016-01-15
Shuozhou coal and electricity company’s photovoltaic power generation exceeded 30 million KWh 2016-01-15
Working hard in deep stratum 2015-12-30
Donate clothes to warm poor mountainous areas residents’ heart 2015-12-30