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Corporate Culture


Corporate Spirit: Being ready to make a contribution to the enterprise, striving to be among the best; loving the enterprise and being dedicated to the enterprise, and seeking innovative development; making the enterprise stronger to serve the country, being dedicated to the work, carrying out the innovative development, pursuing prominence and being top one.

Corporate Work Style: Once work is started, doing everything possible to do it well.

Corporate Development Concept: Slow development means retrogression.

Corporate Professional Concept: Failing to recognize professionals means the breach of duty, wasting professionals means the dereliction of duty, and enabling professionals to fully display their ability is a sacred duty.

Corporate Safety Concept: Safety first and production second. Paying the closest attention to ensure safety in production and value every life by guaranteeing personal safety. Every miner working in shafts must have the knowledge of ventilation. Safety first, taking safety precaution in advance, implementing safety measures in the whole process of production. Always bearing safety in mind even in times of safety.

Corporate Management Concept: Viewing matters from a big picture, while starting to do things from details.

Corporate Operational Concept: Everyone is required to make careful calculation and strict budgeting, and serve as the owner of the enterprise in handling financial affairs. The enterprise is my own home and putting enterprise interests above anything else.

Corporate Sales Concept: Orders are essential to the enterprise survival and customers are the supporters of the enterprise.

Corporate Quality Concept: Today's quality will determine tomorrow's market.

Corporate Science & Technology Concept: Being scientific, precise, pragmatic and forward looking.

Corporate Service Concept: Customers' need is what we seek and their satisfaction is our target.

Corporate Competition Concept: Competition stimulates the driving force and gives rise to the strong.

Corporate Innovation Concept: Always taking one step ahead of others and being superior to others.

Corporate Ethics Concept: Devotion to our career, seeking credibility, being compassionate and being committed to a cause.

Corporate Standardization Concept: There is a standard to go by in doing everything and everyone attaches the utmost importance to the implementation of standards. There is no standard that cannot be met, but there is only duty that has not been performed.

Corporate Training Concept: A successful enterprise never neglects training; an outstanding employee never stops learning.



CHINESE EMBLEM                             ENGLISH EMBLEM

Interpretation of the meaning of the emblem:

The shape of the emblem resembles a capitalized "c", the first letter of "China".
The three Arabic numeral letter "1s" together form an "m", the first letter of the Chinese pinyin for "mei" (coal).
The three "1s" stands for the dominant, the secondary and tertiary industries of Datong Coal Mine Group, and also gives expression to the corporate feature of "taking coal mining as the mainstay and seeking the simultaneous development of various industries."

The three "1s" also can be seen as three arrows, each taller than the preceding one, which symbolizes Datong Coal Mine Group's steady development, and also implies that Datong Coal Mine Group will always be a flagship enterprise that will take "l" as its symbol.

At the right bottom of the main body of the emblem, there are the Chinese characters "同煤集团(Datong Coal Mine Group)", which balances the vision and makes the theme more explicit.
The green background of the emblem highlights the environmental protection awareness of producing clean coal, and also implies that Datong Coal Mine Group is full of vigor and vitality.