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Foreign Trade

The Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation Company of Datong Coal Mine Group was established in 1998. In 2010, it was restructured and named Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation Co., Ltd., being the wholly-owned subsidiary of Datong Coal Mine Group with registered capital of RMB 30 million. Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation Co., Ltd. is a state-owned corporation specializing in import and export trade, international project construction and bidding, domestic trade, etc.. It is the authorized corporation by the Ministry of Commerce to exercise the right of import and export business and to perform foreign economic and technological cooperation on behalf of Datong Coal Mine Group. The Corporation is responsible for import and export of non-coal products, international project constructions, foreign financing, etc.. It is the window and main entity of developing export-oriented economy and multinational business of Datong Coal Mine Group. The Corporation has nine departments, namely, Tongzhijia[Shanghai] International Trade Co., Ltd., Import and Export Department, International Project and Labor Department, International Investment Management Department, International Trade Department, Domestic Trade Department, Finance Department, Marketing Department, General Affairs Department. Also the Corporation has set a branch in Europe and a project of Turkey.

Since its establishment, Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation Co., Ltd. has been servicing the needs of safety production, newly constructed projects and key works of Datong Coal Mine Group, and has been supplying good service for the launch and production of key projects, security technology, import of equipments and raw materials. The Corporation has established long-term and friendly trade cooperative relations with many famous enterprises in USA, Germany, UK, Australia, Spain, Netherlands and South Africa by importing large-scale fully mechanized mining, coal washing plant and highway construction equipments and exporting construction equipments, drilling equipments, carburant, kaolin, activated carbon and coal mine electro-mechanical equipment parts etc.. The Corporation has established good enterprise reputation in both domestic and foreign market.

In recent years, with the guideline of “going out” strategy, the Corporation took the initiative in contracting international projects. Relying on the comprehensive strength of Datong Coal Mine Group (coal mine and auxiliary projects design, geological exploration, construction of various mines, tunnel construction, civil engineering, road and railroad construction, high and low voltage power supply, mechanical repair, coal chemical industry), the Corporation actively developed overseas projects and economic and technological cooperation by contracting housing project in Eritrea, coal exploration project in Niger, coal mine project in Zimbabwe, coking plant project in Bhutan etc., and independently contracting reservoir dam project in Iran, Amasra coal mine construction in Turkey. At the meantime, the Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation Co., Ltd has dispatched many professional engineering technicians and high-skilled technicians in the fields of computer management, geological exploration and survey, urban water-supply and drainage engineering, road construction, mechanical operation to many foreign countries.