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Mining Technology

Datong Coalfield is located in the north part of Shanxi Province, China, including Jurassic Period and Permo-carboniferous Period seams. The geological structure of the seams are complicated and various. According to the different geological conditions and the seam deposits conditions, in passed several dozen years, different seam mining methods were applied in Datong Coal Mine Group. The coal mining method and technology specially for the Jurassic Period seams with hard rood and hard coal and for the Permo-carboniferous Period ultra thick seams was formed.

Ⅰ.Thin Seam Mining Technology

1.Fully mechanized longwall coal mining with drum coal shearer in thin seam

The fully mechanized longwall coal mining in thin seam with the domestic thin seam electric haulage and drum shearer, the hydraulic powered two legs shield support could have a high production and high efficient mining in seam with a thickness ranging from 1.1 – 1.5 m.

2.Automatic fully mechanized plough mining in thin seam

The application of the full automatic plough completed set equipment in the thin seam mining not only could solve the difficult mining problems in Jurassic Period seam with a thickness below 1.3 m, but also could become a high efficient and high production fully mechanized coal mining technology for the thin seam with a thickness below 1.3 m and two hard conditions.

Ⅱ.Conventional mechanized longwall coal mining in medium thick seam

"The difficult falling technology of the thick sandstone as well as the water injection and blasting technology of the gravel roof in Datong Mines" and "the series fully mechanized longwall coal mining technology and equipment for medium thick seam with two hard conditions" are the unique technologies of the group corporation and have solved the hard roof safety control difficult problems of the coal mining face in the medium thick seam in Datong Mining Area, which had made a rapid development of the fully mechanized coal mining in the group corporation.

Ⅲ.Fully mechanized shortwall coal mining

The fully mechanized shortwall coal mining is a mechanized coal mining with a short frame single drum coal shearer. The basic features of the shortwall coal mining close to the longwall coal mining is suitable to the short conditions of the coal mining face. The key technology of the shortwall coal mining is the shortwall coal shearer. The machine body of the coal shearer is short with a single cutting drum and the cutting arm located in the central of the machine body. The coal shearer and conveyor could be put forward for coal cutting and no inclined cutting would be needed for the coal shearer. The shortwall coal shearer could be applied to the mining operation in the geological structural blocks and abnormal boundary coal pillar mining which were not suitable for the longwall coal face layout.

Ⅳ.Fully mechanized high cutting longwall coal mining in thick seam

"The key technology of the fully mechanized high cutting height longwall mining with two hard conditions" was first to reveal the mine strata pressure variation and migration law of the coal mining face and set the theoretical basis to the safety control of the high cutting height under hard roof in the coal mining face. The technology and equipment problems for the high production, high efficient and high coal recovery rate mining were overcame the completed sandstone hard roof and 5 m hard coal seam. The mining technology achievements had reached the international leading level and had won the First Prize of China Coal Industry Science and Technology Progress.

Ⅴ.Fully mechanized top coal caving mining in thick or ultra thick seam

The study on "the key technology of the fully mechanized top coal caving mining in hard and thick seam" had broken through the view that the fully mechanized coal mining could not be applied to the seam with hard roof and hard coal in China coal mining. According to the rock fractal theory, the first created hard top coal weaken and breaking control technology had overcame the difficult problems of the hard top coal caving theory and technology and could ensure the fully mechanized top coal low level caving mining in ultra thick seam with hard roof and hard coal. The achievement of the control technology had reached the international level and won the Second Prize of the China National Science and Technology Progress.

"The study on top coal migration law and roof control technology of fully mechanized top coal caving mining in 20 m thick seam under complicated conditions" had overcame the technical difficulties of safety, high efficiency and high recovery mining under the Permo-carboniferous Period seam conditions and could ensure the safety, high efficient and high recovery rate mining