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Circular Economic Park

Tashan Circular Economic Park is the first one of its kind built by Datong Coal Mine Group in line with the fundamental principle of circular economy, i.e., "reduce, recycle and reuse." It was listed in the first batch of pilot circular economic parks by Shanxi Province in 2007.

Covering a floor space of 387 ha and the total investment of 20.4 billion yuan, the park is planned to set up two coal mines, ten factories and one railway specially for coal exporting. Construction of the park started in 2003 and it has been finished in August 2009. It is the first circular economic park in nature which has the most complete industrial chain, the fastest construction speed, the most obvious effect in China's coal industry.

Taking Tashan mine as the lead, Tashan Circular Economic Park has built a supporting coal preparation plant, achieving clean production of steam coal. Meanwhile, the washed coal is transported via the special railway. The middlings and smalls coal are used by projects engaging in chemical processing of coal to produce methanol. The coal gangue separated by the preparation is then transported to the brickyard and the coal with a low calorific value is transported to the power plant to generate electricity.

At the same time, the excess heat produced by the power plant is used for heating in residential areas. The pulverized fuel ash discharged by the pit-mouth power plant is then applied as the raw materials for the cement plant, and the kaolinic shale produced while excavating coal as raw material for kaolin.

By doing so, the plants operate in good coordination as the waste from a plant is used as the raw materials of the next. Thus, two circular economic industrial lines are formed, i.e., "coal-electricity-building materials" and "coal-chemical industry." Therefore, the goal of low consumption, low emission and high efficiency can be realized and more than one industry is developed at the same time. In this way, resources can be used more efficiently and the environment can be protected, thus achieving the biggest economic and social returns.

With the establishment of the park, the environmental, social and economic benefits have been displayed simultaneously. With the increasing demand of market and the enlargement of the brrickyard, the solid waste produced in the park, including coal gangue and pulverized fuel ash, can be reused. The domestic sewage and industrial waste water discharged into the sewage disposal plant can be recycled after treatment and the park can achieve the goal of "zero emission" of waste water.

With focuses on restoring ecological vegetation, treating coal gangue and building large-scale, vast-coverage and full-range greenery project, a garden-like new mining area has been built. The new area, on the one hand, beautifies the environment, clarifies the air, reduces pollution and upgrades the coal mine; on the other hand, it reflects the spirit of people-centered and creates a clear, comfortable and beautiful working environment for the employees.